this is the end…

January 1, 2010

Feel free to begin at the beginning to see a year’s worth of the toilets and urinals that I used throughout 2009. If you are new to this site, you may want to visit the ‘manifesto and ground rules’ to see what this blog is all about. Basically, I took a photo every day of one of the piss pots I used that day. And now the year is over and this project is finished. I want to thank all the loyal followers for their own obsessive-compulsive disorders that kept them coming back.

And for those wondering what 2010 holds in story: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to present… my two big feet!


december 31

December 31, 2009

mens room, tupelos world cafe, boone

Here it is, the last photographed piss pot of 2009. Anna and I had dinner with my dear friend Jody and his lovely wife Amy. We had a delicious meal. Years ago, when Jody and I played in a band together we actually played a show here when it was a BBQ joint, and they pulled the plug on us because we refused to turn down.

Well, damn, I did it. I managed to keep the new year’s resolution of photographing a piss pot for everyday in 2009. I hope you enjoyed this blog. It helped that we did a lot of traveling this past year. And speaking about traveling, I’ve got a new daily project for 2010. But you’ll have to check this site in the new year for the final post.

Happy new year everybody!

december 30

December 30, 2009

mens room, food lion, boone

Stocking up on food before Anna’s pop and family invade her mom’s house. What’s a few more people when you are at capacity? This urinal may be the last time I could use the restroom undisturbed. Also, cool reflection.

december 29

December 29, 2009

mens room, mellow mushroom, geneva

I like the graffiti, even if the restroom is fairly filthy. This is a pizza joint that moved into Boone a few years after I moved away. It is pretty heavy on the hippie-vibe, but I still like the tofu sandwich. Plus, it is a pretty safe place to take a group of nine when five of those are under six years of age.

december 28

December 29, 2009

downstairs bathroom, n/p's house, deep gap

I’ve always liked how the toilet in this bathroom was tucked back into what is effectively a little closet. In my mind, years ago the toilet was on the other side of the room. But maybe I am inventing that bit of history. I tend to do that sometimes.

december 27

December 27, 2009

mens room, our daily bread, boone

I’ve been eating here for about two decades. I famously stole Cama’s pickle off her plate here more than a decade ago, and she still hasn’t forgiven me. Hands down, the best Tempeh Rueben sandwiches are made here. The place has changed fairly significantly in the last few years, but it is still my favorite lunch joint in Boone.

december 26

December 27, 2009

upstairs bathroom, n/p's house, deep gap

Only a few days left for 2009 and this blog. Oh, what shall 2010 bring?

december 25

December 27, 2009

downstairs bathroom, n/p's house, deep gap

Christmas at Nina and Pa’s. We were out of power for most of the day as we were in the middle of a pretty major ice storm. This was taken shortly after power came back on in the evening.

december 24

December 27, 2009

mens room, french broad coop, asheville

On the way to Boone, we stopped off at the Co-op to get some food (because we couldn’t find any greasy spoons that were open). Only in a co-op would you see the sign “Paper Towels Only. We compost!”

december 23

December 25, 2009

mens room, the garage, asheville

An old friend of mine has a new band called the Rubber Cushions. Turns out they were playing while we were in Asheville. Great band. I was quite impressed. I also liked the venue a lot: a converted auto shop. But the restroom could use more stickers and graffiti.